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Encouragement is sometimes hard to hear.

Hello people. Through some very fortuitous events, I am not working today. Hurrah! It happens that someone is doing a double at the Subi store today. She was going to do the first half at Claremont, then go to Subi, but Stella decided last minute to move her across to Subi for all of her shift. Then she got someone else to replace her at the Claremont store. On the roster in Subi, I'm still rostered on for work at Subi. On the roster at Claremont, my shift has been changed to work at Claremont. I was double booked, and not actually needed. I ended up at Claremont for the start of my shift, and as I'm not actually a Claremont worker (I'm based in Subi), they sent me home. So, Hurrah!

I met with Jeesh and Gav today who chatted with me about the importance of my position as a youth leader and how I should be responsible and accountable and a good leader etc. It was hard to hear, as I don't like being told stuff like that. But, it was good hearing it from Gav and Jeesh as I have a good relationship with them, and they're gracious and kind in their manner. So, overall, I feel further encouragement to live under the rule of Jesus' Lordship. And also to find time to have some quiet time with God. Coz spare time is very hard to find these days. But, I think Spurgeon (a great theologian!) used to wake up a whole hour earlier to find time to read his Bible and pray. Actually, it might not have been Spurgeon. A theologian used to do that. Anyone know who? Anyway, it might be prudent to do that. But, because I'm already awake, and don't have much to do (cept blog and read wikipedia), I should do that now. ... as soon as I've finished this entry.

To listen properly to what Gav and Jeesh were saying, I had to continually remind myself that I wanted to be a youth leader, and so I should listen to what they say with a humble heart. It's sometimes very easy just to dismiss the hard things. And humility doesn't come very easily to me. I'm too stubborn. lol. But, I'm glad that I did, and I hope that I'll continue to be humble in heart and change things about myself so that I become more Godly.

This doesn't mean that I'm changing who I am. I'm just trying to change my attitude towards sin, and those things that can cause other people to sin. Because while it's not a sin to drink alcohol, if I'm at a bbq with a bunch of youth group kids, I shouldn't drink a beer because it's not the context I should be drinking in, and it mightn't be helpful for the kids to see me doing that. Kids can take the drinking of one beer, and turn it into many beers. And that's not good for them. The point of the discussion was that, as a youth leader, I should adhere to a certain standard. If I wasn't in a leadership role, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But I'm presenting my life to these kids, and my actions should line up with what I say. I'm a role model and should behave as such. So, I'm feeling good about this. I'm hopeful that I can live up to the expectations of Gav and Jeesh. And I think with this motivation behind me, as well as trying to keep Jesus as my Lord, I can do it.

But please pray for me in this. As hopeful as I am now, I'm not ignorant to my own sinful ways. And I've been led astray by them too often to trust them and myself. So, please pray that God will strengthen me to be a good role model for the youth group.
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