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hotmails STINKS

so I signed up to this new hotmail-spin-off called Live mail or whatever. It's in beta stage. I write this massive email, save it to drafts, go to tweak before sending. I press delete to delete a couple of words, and it DELETES THE ENTIRE FREAKIN EMAIL!!!!!!

Gah!!! And coz it's a new page format that's craptacular, I can't just hit the back button. No, it's deleted FOREVER!!! So then I had to write it all out again, and I forgot big paragraphs and it was horrible. Back to the old format, though, I should get gmail. I've been meaning too. Last time I tried, I think there was a bug in the site. oh well.

Ian's 21st was awesome btw! Loads of fun. Knew too many people there. But I love knowing most people at parties!
Tags: email, friends, party
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