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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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spike grrr

hotmails STINKS

so I signed up to this new hotmail-spin-off called Live mail or whatever. It's in beta stage. I write this massive email, save it to drafts, go to tweak before sending. I press delete to delete a couple of words, and it DELETES THE ENTIRE FREAKIN EMAIL!!!!!!

Gah!!! And coz it's a new page format that's craptacular, I can't just hit the back button. No, it's deleted FOREVER!!! So then I had to write it all out again, and I forgot big paragraphs and it was horrible. Back to the old format, though, I should get gmail. I've been meaning too. Last time I tried, I think there was a bug in the site. oh well.

Ian's 21st was awesome btw! Loads of fun. Knew too many people there. But I love knowing most people at parties!

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Also, lol JD looks constipated.

I reckon eh! lol

and I intend to

Gmail? Is awesomely handy :-D I've had an account since '04 and would seriously be lost without it.

I have email accounts everywhere (my ISP, hotmail, yahoo, etc) and gmail is definitely my most-used now.

I can't stand HTML based email providers for some reason.. POP3/IMAP all the way.
Heh, same thing happenned in Sydney with lise's LJ entry.
Notepad is your friend.. and selecting all and copying like every 30 seconds..
Anyway, I've fired off a gmail invite. Have fun.

Can that, I was thinking about the old days when you had to have Beta tester invites sent to you to get gmail.. Clearly it is no longer Beta. Hmm, although it does say that I only have 100 invites left for some reason.. meh, I have no idea what's happenning.

SPAM... yes it is still Beta.. WTF? Beta for the last like decade?

cheers Peter, but I didn't need the invite after all. I signed up on my own. Oh, it feels good! =)

See this is why you don't ever use betas. Normal Hotmail is fine.

ive been useing msn live based email since the initial beta, and i havent had 2 many problems with it, if you dont like the new layout just switch to clasic view.

I dunno, after using gmail for a couple of days, I already like it better. Autosaving emails and sending a copy directly to your sent messages file. Lots of storage. I think my favourite bit is where whole conversations are recorded in the manner they are. ftw

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