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Past week undates

hewo everybody!
This past week has seen me enjoying not working so much. I only did monday, wednesday and friday. tuesday and thursday I did stuff, but can't remember too well what it was. But it's been nice and relaxing. Oh that's right, I learnt a new song on the piano, did some weeding, reading, caught up with friends on various afternoons. Was good. Enjoyable.
Work went well last night. Was very quiet. I managed to get everything done on time, and I started 10mins late and had extra prep to do. I was very surprised that it all got done on time. But Laura did all the tomatos for me, the oven had been cleaned the night before, so I didn't have to scrub quite so hard at it and Lachlan worked really hard as well. All in all, twas a good night. And then I went home, read my book and went to sleep. (^.^)

Lise and co have been busy getting stuff together to move out. It makes me want to move too. I want to find a place to live for me! But I might as well enjoy not having to pay extreme amounts of rent while I can. And next semester I'll be back at uni, so I shouldn't want my saving to dry up too quickly. Pippin, Lise and co's bird, is sitting on my head, and he doesn't like leaving! :P

I'm looking forward to being at home, when I can have my precious interwebs more often. But it's probably healthier for me to not be at home constantly on the internet. :D
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